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Innovative systems
CO2 capture and utilization

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Capturing and transforming CO2 for a better future

  • Carbon Net was born out of the necessity to bring together diverse groups of scientists, engineers, business and financial people, economists, farmers, builders, and policy makers to realize the many opportunities presented by CO2 in the air. By working together, our goal is to transform anthropogenic CO2 into opportunities that can improve people’s lives.

  • At Carbon Net we aim to collaborate with existing industries to create innovative solutions and technologies that facilitate and disseminate the use of clean and low-cost CO2 captured from the air.

  • Our passion for innovation beyond accepted technology solutions and for impact are our pillars to ensure our growth and to sustain our success.

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Scalable, effective solutions for the emerging carbon based product industry market.

A world of ready available opportunities

Carbon Net  is developing advanced CO2 direct air capture (DAC) systems to realize the many opportunities presented by atmospheric CO2. Our ongoing commitment to innovation has lead to the development of  groundbreaking DAC technologies and applications. Our next generation DAC systems enable Carbon Net to capture CO2 with reduced cost and energy,  improved efficiency and minimal environmental impact directly at the consumer site. We are particularly excited by the opportunity of utilizing our technology to address our increasing requirements for food, energy, and products and by doing so to contribute to delay or avert climate change and food insecurity



More food with less resources

Plants need CO2. Carbon Net's systems capture CO2 directly from the air in modular systems  co-located with greenhouses and designed to deliver optimal CO2 levels. Easy to use interface enables precise CO2 distribution and  greenhouse environment management. As the world population increases and arable land diminishes, we need to optimize plant growth to increase food production. Indoor agriculture practices present a solution to produce fresh and locally grown food near the consumer without reliance on beneficial climate conditions.


Back to the roots: rebuilding soil using legacy CO2 captured from the air

Atmospheric CO2 when returned to the soil can activate virtuous feedback loops that can amend soil and enhance soil fertility.  Our "air-to-water" systems can  deliver “clean” CO2 at a discount to the current pricing directly in the fields. Our systems can be fully integrated with existing open-field irrigating methods so that  cultivators can increase crops yield,  productivity and profitability and at the same time  improve soil health, as well as sequester CO2 in the soil.

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High performance and sustainable feedstocks for valuable products

Duckweeds are one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and accelerate growth in response to elevated CO2, enabling duckweed production with less energy, water, and arable land as compared to other feedstocks. Our cost-effective DAC CO2-enrichment will support a duckweed-derived feedstock industry that uses it as a source for diverse and valuable low-carbon and sustainable products, or as waste-water treatment. We welcome enquiries from customers interested in these applications.

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We use the power of water to produce clean and low-cost CO2

Capturing CO2 from the air in a meaningful way demands technological leaps.   At Carbon Net we looked beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of solving the existing and future challenges of capturing, reuse and sequester  CO2. Our proven technology enables to capture CO2 with high efficiency and at low cost using innovative breakthrough methods..

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Carbon Net' systems are based on  breakthrough technologies that have increased the efficiency and operation performance of CO2 capture and release compared to other methods.

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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". We worked hard to simplify our technology without compromising on efficiency so that our systems can be manufactured and serviced at low cost.

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We understand that the opportunities to capture and use CO2 come in all sizes. We design our systems to be easy scalable and tailored to the need of small as well as large applications.

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Carbon Net’s proprietary process is unique in that the energy to capture and release the CO2 comes only and completely from water. No heat or noxious chemical are utilized by our systems. All our components can be reused  hence decreasing the environmental impact of our systems.

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